Don’t be a Wimp

Ok. I can’t hold back on posting this anymore. Some might see it as none of my business. Others might see it as another one of my rants. It doesn’t bother me—just please read to the end of this and take it as you will.
I feel compelled to write this after reading a post from a friend of mine two days ago that simply left me scratching my head. In the post, my friend relates the story of how her drunk ex-husband comes up behind her in line at a convenience store (I’m guessing on that part) and start giving her a very hard time about the fact that she is about to get re-married. He follows her as she leaves, and things turn physical in the parking lot. The end result is that she is on the ground with him kicking her. A lady asks if she should call the cops—DUH! That’s a bit obvious at this point, don’t you think? Then she relates in her story that there are two guys sitting there watching the entire time.
REALLY? Have we come to a point in the “evolution” of society where people refuse to get involved in a situation where someone clearly needs help? Having been in similar (though not exact) situations before I know from experience that confronting the dude doesn’t necessarily guarantee violence will ensue. And even if it does—so what?? At least at that point my friend would have been able to get away from someone who clearly intended to do her harm. What are people so afraid of in these situations? Bruises or broken bones? So what—they heal. Being arrested? At least it’s temporary and for the right reasons. And the entire time you’re dealing with either of those possible outcomes you have the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone in need.
This is why I study martial arts (as tempting as it is to toy with the idea of using it on certain people in the office during the week) with my son. Quite simply, if you intend my family, friends, or even some random stranger who can’t defend themselves harm and I’m around, be prepared for a real fight. Of course it also affords me an opportunity to help him grow up to be an honorable, confident young man.
I’m not saying it’s for everyone (as I limp around this morning because of a small accident involving and ankle and a cranium last night). But what I am saying is that we—ESPECIALLY GUYS—need to not go through life being disconnected from reality and/or looking at the misfortunes of others as entertainment. Being real involves getting your hands dirty sometimes, and at the end of the day, when you do act to help someone in a situation like this you can rest in the fact that you have done something to make someone’s time here on earth a bit better by saving them from harm. Bottom line? Don’t be a wimp—take a risk next time you see a situation like that. Get involved and defend the person instead of watching as they are abused by some scumbag.

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